"Why should the quince girls have all the fun?" this very smart young lady asked us
as she viewed our portfolio last year.

Well, since we didn't have a really good answer to that question--not one we believed ourselves, anyway--the following weekend we were shooting this vivacious eighteen-year- old around her favorite Miami/SoBe places, and having a fantastic time doing it.

Next thing we knew, there was another "15+" young lady, and another, we decided to create this "area 15+" section and add it to our site. Here, we will feature some of the talented and beautiful young ladies we photograph, age 17 and older. We are very excited to debut Area 15+ with some of our favorite work with Adriana.

As non-traditional artists, we are always experimenting with new ideas to create unique works of art. In some of Adriana's work you will see implemented Keith's new experimentation with light and colorization, which is the core of the new body of work he will be exhibiting this year. You will also see some of Marilyn's experimental night work with extreme color lighting. We hope you enjoy viewing this exciting new area which celebrates these amazing young ladies and introduces our latest artistic styles. We will be adding new portfolios as time allows us.

By the way, remember that young lady that asked us "why should the quince girls have all the fun?" At the end of the evening when we were done, her mother smiled and, as she winked, asked us, "Why should our daughters have all the fun?"

--Moms, any time you're ready, we'll add a new section!

keith knight & marilyn cole,
AREA 15+
(More portfolios
comming soon!)